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New Album!!

Wasabi's latest CD
Wide Open – Wasabi’s latest CD

Hey folks. Wasabi is done with our new album “Wide Open”!  We recorded and mixed the album ourselves at Chateau Plateau Studios with additional mixing help from Andy Zenczak at Gadgetbox Studios and mastering by Miles Boysen at Headless Buddah Studios.  Album art was provided by the one and only Shane Stoneman.  It’s full of good times, some full tilt instrumental rallying, some softer mellow sweetness and a dragon or two.  More to come soon so check back often!!

Wasabi – Wide Open – Thank Yee Spanky

Wasabi – Wide Open – Thank Yee Spanky

Wasabi – Wide Open – Snappy Dog

Wasabi – Wide Open – Snappy Dog

Wasabi – Wide Open – Dragons And Pussy

Wasabi – Wide Open – Dragons And Pussy